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Quick question; what’s a bed that is designed to fold into a wall called? If you found your way to this post, then it’s easy to guess that it’s called a murphy beds for sale. It’s a bed that can be put away when not in use to create space for other activities. Murphy beds have come a long way from their simple hinge design to more sophisticated, custom-built design options.

How did it get its name?

Sometime in the 1900s, an inventor named Murphy lived in a tiny San Francisco apartment. In trying to find a way to create more space in the apartment, he figured that since the bed was only used mostly at night, there had to be a way to get it out of the way during the day. It’s no rocket science that his earliest designs and construction would be named after him. Thus, the Murphy bed was created.

It was only a matter of time before everyone with both little and large apartments wanted a feel of the design in their homes. In recent times, Murphy beds are a popular feature in university dormitories, small apartments, Airbnbs, cabins, and fire stations.

What to look out for when buying a Murphy bed?

Murphy beds have evolved from the simple designs of the 1900s. There are several options today that differentiate one Murphy bed design from another.

Lift mechanism

This is the mechanism that controls the folding and unfolding of the Murphy bed. There are two major types of mechanisms in use. These are piston lift and spring lift mechanisms. They both have their advantages and drawbacks. The piston lift system involves a sophisticated system that guarantees a whisper-quiet folding operation of the bed. The mechanism is also built to last.

On the other hand, the spring lift system is notorious for not being the quietest during operation. They’ll require spring adjustments after some couple of years. Ideally, they are a cheaper option to a piston lift.

Vertical or horizontal?

Murphy beds allow for vertical or horizontal folding and unfolding. Although the first Murphy bed featured a vertical folding style, the choice of folding should be determined by the room’s space. Vertical styled beds are best for rooms that have high ceilings and corresponding space on the floor to accommodate the bed.

Horizontal styled Murphy beds are better for rooms with low ceilings like an attic. It’s also best for rooms with little floor space. The bed stays closer to the wall without occupying much of the room’s available space.

Fixed or movable?

Some Murphy beds are designed to be concealed behind furniture. They’re fixed and cannot be moved around. These types of bed transform into other furniture when folded up. Movable Murphy beds can be relocated from one part of the room to another. They could be designed to transform to other furniture or just stand on their own.


Murphy beds are a great space saver. Since their invention in the 1900s, they have had transformative designs from just space-saving to having additional features. Some Murphy beds transformation into furniture like tables or sofas. The post gives an insight into important factors to consider when you choose to get a Murphy bed.

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